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A PolyShield® could quite possibly be the last windshield you'll ever buy!

SURVIVOR STORY: The vehicle pictured here had a blow out on the interstate and rolled SIX TIMES! Fortunately our customer was wearing his seatbelt and survived the accident with only a few bruises and scratches. His vehicle may be totaled but his PolyShield LOOKS LIKE BRAND NEW!! (click image to zoom) He is buying a new vehicle and the first thing he says he will do is knock out the glass and reinstall his PolyShield!

James McClearn from Ketchikan, Alaska wrote us to say "Its been a while since I ordered I just wanted to take time to thank you for all your help. It's hard getting parts up here in Alaska. You made sure I was helped every step of the way and I thank you for that! Since using your PolyShield I have had nothing but the best to say about it (I recommend it to everyone I know!) I will never go back to glass!"

Marge Barnes from Newport, Oregon sent us this letter: "I had to write to you and tell you what happened to me. I bought a PolyShield from you about a month ago. After installing it, I was telling my husband about your claim of 'Will not crack or spider like glass'. He laughed and said he was a bit skeptical. Well, to be honest, so was I until yesterday.
Here's what happened. I was driving through the usual summer road construction of seal coating with gravel overlay when an oncoming semi truck kicked up a golf ball sized rock. This is not an exaggeration in the size. I saw it coming straight for the driver's side of the windshield and knew it was going to be bad. After the usual flinching and cursing was over, I noticed, to my astonishment, there was no damage to the windshield!! Your claim is a fact! I stopped at the first rest area and called my husband and explained the details to him. We are now believers of the strength and durability of the PolyShield. I would recommend this product to anyone. It's definitely worth the money and time to install it. Thank you, Figmo, you have saved me from wasting money replacing the windshield."

Tim Overgaard from Camas, Washington says "{My PolyShield®} has survived things that the original glass one would never have survived. Like a rock about the size of a softball that hit it going down the freeway at 70mph from an oncoming dump truck. Would have probably gone right through the old one. IT HIT FLIPPEN HARD!! Hit right in front of my face! Needed a change of underwear after that (no really, I did!) I had been trying to convince a friend of mine that just happened to be riding with me to at the time to get on of these windshields for his Samurai . Well, after that incident he went right out and bought one. Said "That was one hell of a way to demonstrate how tuff it is"! "

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with using a PolyShield®.

What is a PolyShield®?

Face it, whether on the trail or on the street - your windshield is one big target just waiting to be damaged by the next object that can score a bulls eye. Or the next time you get too close to a tree branch. Or lay your vehicle on it's side. Or roll it over.

There are just so many ways to chip, star, crack and spider the glass on your windshield that it's virtually impossible to keep glass looking new for more than a year. Stop putting your local glass shop's kids through college by replacing your windshield with glass over and over and over again. Install a PolyShield® today and drive with the confidence that your windshield is just as tough as the rest of your vehicle.

Do not confuse these with plexiglass or any other easy to scratch plastic you may be familiar with. PolyShields® are molded from space aged polycarbonate material (also known as "Lexan"). Polycarbonate is known for it's virtually indestructible properties, but (until now) had the down side of being easy to scratch.

Do not confuse these with other inferior polycarbonate windshields on the market. Our PolyShields® are coated inside and out with a patented scratch resistant coating that brings the level of abrasion resistance to within 0.3% of factory glass, and offers nearly 10 times the protection of other coated polycarbonate windshields you may have seen or heard about. Our peerless clarity is often mistaken for glass in appearance ~ you'll notice the difference.

PolyShields® are made from the same material used by winning drivers at NASCAR, SCCA, ARCA, IROC, GARR and CART. These guys know their victories, and in fact their very lives, depend on having a super tough - super clear windshield installed.

Just take a look at a few of the advantages our PolyShields® give you over glass...

  • Our exclusive scratch resistant coating offers the highest level of abrasion and chemical resistance for coated polycarbonate available today. Our hard coat brings our level of abrasion resistance to within 0.3% of factory glass, and offers nearly 10 times the protection of other coated polycarbonate windshields.

Coating Abrasion Resistance
% Haze after test
0.5 % Haze
0.8% Haze
Competitor's Polycarbonate Coating
10.0% Haze
Uncoated Polycarbonate
30.0% Haze
Test: AS TMD 1044 Z26.1 - Taber Abrator - 100 Revolutions - 500 gr. Load
Coating Impact Resistance
Pitting Resistance Level
8.0 Level
7.0 Level
Competitor's Polycarbonate Coating
3.0 Level
Uncoated Polycarbonate
0.0 Level
Test: FTP 100 Coating Impact Resistance Level

  • Repels water better than any temporary window spray treatment, and will withstand the use of wipers - even with dust and mud under them.

  • Absolutely will not crack or spider on you. Get a chip or star in glass and you know what happens: not long later it turns into a crack from top to bottom. While PolyShields® are very scratch and star resistant, we wont lie to you and say it's impossible to scratch one. Sure, you can take a screwdriver to it and scratch it. But we can promise you this: on the off chance you do get alittle scratch in it. That little scratch will stay it's original size forever. There are more ways to chip, star, crack and spider glass than there are to scratch a PolyShield®!

  • PolyShields® are safe. You can fold a PolyShield® in half and it still will not snap. Odds are -even if you lay your rig on it's side or roll it to where your windshield frame gets tweaked - your PolyShield® will look like new. It's designed to flex and give and under extreme situations (such as a rollover) - it will pop out of the frame. Oh sure, you'll have to buy a new frame - but you WONT have to buy new glass. And you wont have to deal with tiny pieces of glass cutting up you and your passengers.

  • Half the weight. 54% lighter than 1/4" laminated glass.

  • 250 times stronger than glass! Check out these numbers from our "dart drop" test. Test performed with a 5 pound steel dart with a 1" tip and records the foot pounds of pressure needed to cause a failure in the material.

    ft. lbs. before failure
    1/4" Laminated Glass
    2 ft lbs
    1/4" Tempered Glass
    3.5 ft lbs
    1/4" Acrylic
    7 ft lbs
    220 ft lbs

  • Increased Noise Reduction. 13% better at blocking noise than glass.

    Sound Transmission
    (STC Rating)
    1/4" Laminated Glass

  • Less Heat Gain in Summer. 14% less conductive of summer heat

    Summer Heat Gain
    (BTU/hr.-sq-Deg F)
    1/4" Laminated Glass

  • Less Heat Loss in Winter. 16% more efficient than glass at retaining winter heat.

    Winter Heat Loss
    (BTU/hr.-sq-Deg F)
    1/4" Laminated Glass